Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Save the Earth - it's the only one we have...

One year in middle school, I convinced one of my teachers to let me and a friend leave class everyday to write a song about saving the Earth in an empty classroom.  I swear it was my math teacher, but seems like an odd class to be allowed to skip in order to write a song that isn't about math.

Apparently I wanted to save the Earth before it was a "cool".  I remember part of the song...the chorus went something like this:

Save the Earth, it's the only one we have
Why, yes, I still have my DARE shirt
from 6th grade...

Save the Earth, before it's too late
Save the Earth, we can do it together
Save the Earth, before it's gone

I can't remember the whole song because I start to get the lyrics mixed up with the D.A.R.E. song:  "The world's a difference place where life's become a race, and unlike the world of past our kids grow up too fast.  'Cuz what they see in stores is threats and bombs and war, and that deadly game we're taught our happiness is bought.  So the children of today have no time for children's play.  They feel like they're all along, even strangers in their homes.  To hide their pain and fears, they destroy their youthful years, giving up on love and hugs and escaping into drugs....  DARE to keep a kids of drugs..DARE...

Ok, I have to stop because I'm embarrassed that I know that many lyrics...and also, they don't make sense: "Even strangers in their homes" - who are these strangers...and do all kids have these?

Back to the Earth: things haven't changed yet - I still want to save the Earth...  April was Earth Month, so hopefully everyone read about or heard about some new ways to become more eco-friendly.

Here are some of the things to do our parts...

We recycle:  We don't have pickup, but we drive our recycling to a bin in the park.  We have a nifty divided garbage can for the kitchen where we can put garbage in one side and recycling in the other.  I'm super-excited because Columbus is providing FREE recycling pickup - and we should have it by the fall.

We reuse: We wash, save, and reuse jars and plastic takeout containers.  We use rags when we are cleaning.  I've even been reusing magazines to make decorative bowls lately (post coming soon, but here's another tutorial that I wrote here). 

We buy local when we can:  We love the North Market and farmer's markets.  We're happy to buy local beer, wine, and vodka. 

We combine trips: We run our errands on our way home from other trips.  I grocery shop on the way home from work, volleyball, yoga, or other outings.  We usually buy our gas at GetGo stations and Lo stops when he's near one of the stations for another task. 

We use CFL bulbs:  When we moved into our apartment, we replaces all of the regular bulbs with CFL's.  We saved the regular bulbs and will replace most of them and take the CFL bulbs with us when we move. 

We hang clothes to dry:  We hang a lot of our pants and shirts instead of using the drying so save energy and help our clothes last longer.

We use reusable water bottles:  We rarely buy bottled water and instead try to take reusable bottles when we need them.  We have a few bottles of water that we bought in a case months ago, because it's always smart to have some potable water on hand in the event of emergencies.

We use non-toxic cleaning products as much as possible, almost exclusively.  I use white vinegar to clean regularly, and when we do need cleaners, we often use Magic Erasers and have started buying non-toxic Method cleaners.  Our laundry detergent if Costco's environmentally-friendly detergent and we rarely use dryer sheets.  

We are going to compost:  I'm super excited about having the ability to compost once we move.  We don't have that option now, but I can't wait. Any recommendations on a composter?

We are going to grow some food:  When we have a yard, and are able to compost, we are going to grow what we can.

We are going to install a rain barrel when we move: Residents of Franklin County can take part in the GreenSpot Rain Barrel Program and get a rain barrel for only $50. 

I'm sure I'm forgetting some other green ways....what do you do to help?

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