Saturday, February 11, 2012

Colors and Bottles Painting Event

from the Colors and Bottles FB page

Last week, Colors and Bottles tweeted about a special price for this Tuesday's painting class at Camelot Cellars. Colors and Bottles is company that holds painting parties - with wine! The have an artist lead each event and the attendees can either choose to follow along with the painting, or do their own thing. Classes are normally $35 (all supplies included), but this class was only $17.50 - and I liked the painting a lot - so I bought tickets for Kelley and I in case they sold out quickly. Luckily they didn't because 5 of our friends decided to join us!

She's that good!
I hadn't been to Camelot Cellars before, which is ridiculous because it's 3 miles away, but was looking forward to it because I've heard so many good things about it over the last year since the new owner took over. It was bigger inside than I expected and was really nice. There was a side room towards the back that they had set up for the class. We bought bottles of wine when we got there and claimed our tables. I think we all started off pretty hesitantly, but we had a ton of fun. Six of us used the artist's painting as "inspiration", and one (who is an art teacher) painted a sunset-inspired picture instead.

I'm am fairly horrible with art. I can draw about as good as a third-grader. But I really enjoy this and ended up really liking my painting. I initially tried to imitate the featured art, but realized pretty quickly that I had veered pretty far from the design. I started to like the shape that mine was taking, so I stuck with it. It was really cool how unique all of the paintings were in the end!

The artist's original
My painting

Afterwards, we went to Sushi Rock for dinner and more wine. I had a Groupon to use, so my bill ended up being less than $2! We had so much fun that we discussed trying to do a regular ladies' night every month - as well as a private Colors and Bottles party this summer so we can paint outside.

I'm looking forward to the other Colors and Bottles event that I booked with two friends for March, from when they offered an Eversave! That event will be BYOB, which is pretty awesome!

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