Friday, April 13, 2012

Best All Purpose Cleaner (according to Cook’s Illustrated)

For those still needing to do some spring cleaning, Cook’s Illustrated did a product comparison for all-purpose cleaners, specifically testing on tough kitchen tasks.  They tested natural and antibacterial cleansers on a variety of messes.  There was only 1 that was highly recommended (that I went out and bought), 1 recommended, 4 recommended with reservations, and 3 not recommended.  I love that the highly recommended one is natural and a decent price (hint, it’s Method All-Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner in French Lavender).   Click over to check out the results!

I seriously love these Cook’s Illustrated product/equipment comparisons and often look for the recommendations when I need to buy something.  While their past comparisons aren’t available unless you’re an online member, the newest tests are often included in the free Notes from the Test Kitchen email newsletter.  

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