Monday, June 4, 2012

Workouts: May 28 - June 1

I haven't been posting my workouts because I haven't been posting about hardly anything since we've been moving.  Trust me, I was still working out (what else do people do during lunch hour?).  We did miss some night yoga classes for appointments regarding the move and such, but our schedule is settling down now.  I did miss a lunch workout this week when we went to clean the apartment, plus is was a short work week, so my workouts were a little light this week, with no weights.  I took some tough yoga classes and was feeling it.

Memorial Day!  If floating in the pool reading magazines counts as exercise, then I worked out for a couple of hours.

Noon:  Apartment cleaning
7:00:  Slow Burn then YIN hot yoga at Go Yoga 80 minutes - this class was pretty hard.  It was 80 minutes and long deep holds for each pose.  We seriously held pigeon and frog for like 5 minutes each! 
Noon:  45 minutes elliptical - I was a little sore from yoga and had another class that night, so I didn't want to lift.

7:00:  GoYoga Flow Hot Yoga 80 minutes- This class is with our favorite instructor, Anne, but that also means that it's  hard because she's the hardest instructor I've ever taken.  The room was set WAY too hot, like last week, so it was extra sweaty. 

Noon:  40 minutes elliptical - same excuse as above...which may just boil down to me being lazy and wanting to read U.S. Weekly Magazine

5:30: Yoga at Capital Club - I thought I was going to slack in this class because my "slipping rib" started feeling like it was slipping again after class on Wednesday.  I was going to skip some of the vinyasa pushups so it didn't get worse, but I didn't because once I'm working out, I don't notice pain.  Luckily, it didn't feel any worse afterwards, but I was feeling a little sore all over.
Nothing!  It's Lo's birthday, so we took the day off to do nothing!

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