Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decluttering Progress - Undie Time

The decluttering calendar that we've been using as a guide is a little bogus for us this week - not because it isn't good in general - it just doesn't fit us very well for this week.  Monday was clean out and organize your hair doo-dads.  I have some "doo-dads", but not that many, so I just cleaned out the drawer that most of those are stored in.  Tuesday's task was to clean out and discard expired face products - I don't have any of those and I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't do any other task either. 

Tonight's task was to clean out and throw away expired medication.  I already did that randomly last month, so I needed to find something else to do tonight.  When I got home from work, my order from Victoria's Secret had been delivered!  I'm hate paying full price, so I decided that every time they have the semi-annual sale, I'm going to buy at least one bra and some new undies - especially since the undies were $2.99 with a coupon code, plus free shipping, and 4% cashback through (sign up for $5 credit).  I ordered some shirts and a pair of pants (for work) as well.  The pants were weirdly high waisted, even though they are the same style I've bought before, and I only liked 1/2 of the shirts, so some will be be going back.  I liked the bra, but it was really, really scratchy where it sits against my back under the clasp - it was the thread or something and there really isn't anything I can do about it, so I have to send that back too.  It wasn't a spectacular deal ($24.99), so I wasn't heartbroken (but now I don't have a new bra because I only ordered one).  I ended up with a few new shirts and 10 pair of undies.  I needed some long-sleeved layering shirts that I can wear under short sleeves in the winter - ones that weren't just plan cotton or material that would fade or fuzz.  I technically have a ton of underwear, but only wear about half of them, so I needed to sort out the ones that I don't like or don't wear for whatever reason.  I didn't do as well as I thought, because I only threw away 7 pair (I have thrown away a few other pairs over the last couple of weeks that i didn't like or had unraveling waistband).  But I did put 20 more pair in a bag in my closet that are "maybe's" that I wasn't ready to throw out yet.  Some of them are ones that I would wear to workout or play volleyball, so I want to make sure the new ones will work before I get rid of the old ones.  If I don't need to dig any of those out by the time we move this year - they're gone.  I didn't even get rid of a quarter of the ones I have, so clearly I'm still an underwear hoarder.  At least I only hoard my underwear - otherwise that would be very pervy. 
Fun burn-out layering tee - not a pic of me

Sorry you wasted your time reading this - the rest of the week is decluttering bathroom drawers and such, so at least I'll have some tasks to do (both drawers are clean now, so I'll take those days to clean out the cabinet under the sink. 

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