Sunday, January 15, 2012

I’m a cheater

Balsamic Autumn Salad
I cheated with the re-org calendar last week.  I was supposed to clean out the freezer on Saturday, but didn’t.  The reason being is that I’m trying to use food from the freezer this month and need clean it out/defrost once the weather gets colder (so we can put coolers of frozen food on the patio while we defrost/clean.  It’s been a super-mild January (actually, winter, so far), so I know February is going to kick our ass and we’ll have plenty of freezing days (it has now since snowed).  Plus hopefully the freezer will be emptier then. 

Last Saturday was spent picking up birthday gifts for our friend, eating Jeni’s Ice Cream for lunch at the North Market, making Spicy Beef and Pinto Stew (to freeze uncooked), Cider Beef Stew (to eat this week) and Balsamic Autumn Salad, watching the OSU bball game (while I cooked), and then to celebrate our friend’s birthday at Tenuke!  The hibachi chef was going crazy with the sake – squirting it into our mouths with a squirt bottle until we were about to choke.  It was pretty hilarious. 
Sake Squirt!
Birthday Heads!

We all went back to their house for more drinks and shuffleboard/pool (the guys).  We hadn’t met their newest new-ish dog Nash and were excited to see him.  He’s so cute in a hyena-way!  He’s nervous around new people (he was a shelter dog), but once he got used to us (by the next day), he was SUCH a lap dog!  The other dog, Mason, knows how cute he is, so he doesn’t feel the need to seek affection from humans.  We stayed the night (as we often do when we are drinking because they live 30 minutes away and we have our own bedroom there).  After getting breakfast (at noon), getting some groceries for dinner and getting stuck in the grocery store line for about 25 minutes (don’t you people have anything better to do on a Sunday!), we finally settled in to watch the game.  We didn’t get home until 9 p.m. or so on Sunday after the Steelers lost to God Tebow the Broncos.  Kel and I are huge Steelers fans, so it was a disappointing end to the season for us.    

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