Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who ARE we?

We’re in our early 30’s and started dating about 6.5 years ago when I accidentally hit on him through a work email (we work for the same company, though we don’t work together and never really have to see each other unless we want to).  It wasn’t an accident as in I didn’t want to go out with him – I thought he was attractive and WAS interested in knowing more about him.  It was an accident because I had a date that night with someone who I was casually dating and had no intention on hitting on him when I emailed that day about my computer (he’s in I.T.). 

But, it was Friday, it was Cinco de Mayo, and it was No Pants Day.  I guess that’s enough of a triple whammy to make me randomly hit on the I.T. Guy.  We kind of made plans to make plans at some point and sent some text back and forth a little that night (after my date – which was less of a date and more of a group outing with my sister/her boyfriend (who were visiting) and some friends – the guy parted ways with us after happy hour, and then we went to Kahoots….).  Seriously- it was a weird Friday. 

Anyway, I saw Lo at work later that week and he mentioned getting a drink sometime.  I told him I was free two weeks from Thursday (or something like that).  He wasn’t sure if I was trying to blow him off, but honestly, I was playing volleyball 3-4 nights/week and was going out of town or was busy on that weekend and the next.  So when that Thursday came around, we went to Mac’s after work for some drinks/appetizer.  Not a super-special first date, but it seemed like a safe bet, because it would be easy to leave early if either one of us hated the other.  And when you are going out with a co-worker, it is probably important to make it casual and not very “date-like” in case it doesn’t turn into anything.  I don’t remember if he paid or not – I’m sure he volunteered, but I’m not sure if I insisted that we split or if I let him pay.  Either way – things went well from there. 

We moved in together a little over a year later, got engaged January 2009 at an icy waterfall, and got married September 2010 in Maui, Hawaii.  So here we are – no kids (next year?), still in the apartment in which we initially moved in together in Victorian Village, and are looking to buy our first house sometime this year.  We like our apartment well enough and LOVE the area in which we live, but we want a yard, a garage, and since we’re going to attempt to start a family at some point, we want to be in a school district where we can feel okay about sending our kid(s). 

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