Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mother Trucker

"Frequent Stops" - except at stop signs, I guess
A City of Columbus utility pulled out in front of me this morning and pissed me off.  He was turning left out of the CVS parking lot and didn’t even slow down for the stop sign.  I saw him look left at me and then gun it to get out of the parking lot so he didn’t have to wait for me to pass.  I had to hit my brakes hard or would have hit him on the passenger side.  I took a picture of his license plate when we were at the stop sign at Neil and emailed it with a complaint to two address at the city (one was for the utilities dept. and the other was a general email at the Mayor’s Office).  I know nothing will happen to him, but hopefully someone will at least tell him he was reported for unsafe driving.  This definitely isn’t the first time I’ve been cut off by city trucks in the morning (not to mention buses!) – and it makes me so mad that they drive like they are above the law (which they probably are in the city). 

Another issue I have with him blowing through that stop sign is that directly across the street is a retirement community/nursing home and there are often elderly people crossing the street to get to CVS or Giant Eagle.  It’s not like he saved himself any time by pulling out in front of me.  By the time we got to the Goodale light, I was in front of him because he had to wait for other cars in his lane anyway.  

Update: I did hear back from one utility department and that person said that the complaint was forwarded to the Utilities Service Coordinator, so at least the right person will see it (whether or not they ignore it).

In other news, Lo is sick (cough/congestion junk).  He's taking a class online this week for work (from home), so it sucks that he can't call off and just lay around, but I guess it's better than sitting at work or in an actual class.  I'm fairly convinced that I'll get sick too.  I haven't actually been sick since I've known Lo (that either of us can remember), so I'm definitely due.  He seems to get sick once or twice a year and I never caught it from him yet, but I assume this year the jig will be up.  I hope I don't, because that will probably run into the weekend if so, but whatever.  

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