Sunday, January 22, 2012

No Juice for Me!

Last week I borrowed a juicer from a friend to see how I liked juicing for breakfast.  I work out at 11:45 and have to be careful about what I eat in the morning, so I thought this could be a good option.  I was making mostly veggie juice with an apple and lemon for flavor/sweetness.  It tasted ok and was fine for most workouts, but it wasn't ok/enough for a largely lifting-based workout on Friday.  I couldn't get through the WOD (cross-fit workout of the day) that Lo was having us do.  Well, I got through it, but barely, and it took me forever.  I was beat.  So juicing definitely isn't enough of a breakfast for me, but the main reason I'm going to end the experiment is that I can't justify the waste.  One batch of juice would create 3-4 cups of pulp.  While I was able to make egg bake with the pulp and have plans to add it to soup in the future (I froze it), I won't be able to use that much pulp if I'm juicing everyday.  Maybe I'd be able to justify it if we had a composter, but we don't, so I can't.
That's a lot of pulp

I think someone should totally open a Juice Bar/Pulp Bakery though.  They could sell fresh juice, but then use the pulp to make bread, baked goods, soups, and egg bakes.  It's brilliant - and there would barely be any waste! 

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