Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Navy is Crap

I don't always feel like Old Navy sucks, but the last few times, I have.  It's never been my preferred brand (I much prefer GAP), but I usually shop there a few times a year and sometimes find things that I really love.  It seems like every winter, I'm able to find some sweaters and long sleeve shirts that I like, so I was hoping to find something like that pretty easily.   

I bought a Groupon in December that was going to expire this weekend, so I went tonight after work.  Coffee was on sale at World Market today only, so I while I was in that plaza, it made sense.  I figured worst case scenario, I'd buy some workout clothes.  I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans to try (though I really can't pull them off with my thighs), a bunch of workout clothes, a few sweaters, and some other shirts from the clearance racks.  The jeans actually looked okay once I sized down, but I couldn't see myself wearing them much.  The workout clothes were terrible.  The pants came up to my ribcage and were weirdly big in the waist (who is built like that!).  The shirts were wildly sized - I picked up all L or XL and none of them fit right.  The armholes on the tanks were huge, the bustline was at a weird spot, thumbholes on a long-sleeved shirt weren't in the right spot, and there was one yoga tank that I actually almost got panicky because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get it off - the inner bra was THAT small, though it was a large.  Normally I wear underwire sports bras - but I went ahead and tried on two of their uni-boob bras because I thought they would be sufficient support for no...I would have fallen right out the top in downward dog.  There was one racerback ribbed tank for $2 that I wanted, one black cami for about $3.50, a yoga tank for $10 that actually seemed to work out okay, though I need to try it on with my pants because I still may hate it, 2 OSU thermals that I picked up for my nephews for $2.08/each (I'll save them for next christmas), and an OSU tshirt for me for $2.08.  So that was my $20 groupon spent - but it took forever to even find that stuff.  It's not even that I was trying to get things that were on sale or clearance - I couldn't even find things that were full price that I liked!  The OSU shirt that I got for myself was supposed to be $5 something, but it turned out to be $2.08, so after I checked out I grabbed a couple for Loren and a couple for gifts for less than $10.  I wish I would have seen them in the beginning and known the price - I would have saved myself an hour or so!

I probably won't be going back there for awhile. 

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