Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Favorite Books

Apparently I have really good taste in books.  No one actually told me that, but so many of the books I love have been turned into movies.  I guess I can’t always claim that I read the book before I knew there would be a movie, so maybe my theory is a bit off.

 I’ve always loved reading, but sometimes if just falls out of my list of “important” things to do.  When I worked night shift off and on at the psych hospital, I would read A TON – probably close to 600 pages a night, depending on who I was working with.  I loved some of my co-workers and we’d spend more time talking and/or watching movies together (patients were all sleeping and had motion alarms on their doors, so we just had to do walk-throughs a couple of times an hour and deal with them if they woke up).  If I was working with someone whom I disliked, I would read the entire time to discourage them from talking to me (they probably disliked me just as much).  There were some really shitty people who worked there…like my coworker who was sleeping while a patient tried to get a belt over my head to strangle me.  (I was able to push her off and restrain her– luckily it was a girl and not a guy twice my size). 

I stopped reading after I stopped working at the hospital (and when I worked days there, which was most of the time, I didn’t read much).  Once I moved in with Lo, I never read because I preferred to read when we went to bed but couldn’t leave the light on or else he couldn’t sleep.  I’m not sure what got me reading again last year, but I started reading under the covers with a flashlight.  In November, he bought a Nook, so now I read with that – still under the covers because he says it’s still too bright.  It works out okay though, so I don’t really mind.  

Anyway….I have a lot of favorite books, but know I’m forgetting some.  I marked whether I read the book or movie first (or if there isn’t a movie).  I pretty much always like the book best, but it’s nice to be able to picture the characters after seeing the movie and then reading the book.  In no particular order, here are some books I think you should read.  Especially Hunger Games. 

Favorite Books:
·         Hunger Games Series (3) – books only; 1st movie comes out in spring - can't wait!
·         Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Series (3) – books first; saw 1st movie
·         Red Dragon – no movie (Silence of the Lambs prequel)
·         Silence of the Lambs – movie first
·         Black Hawk Down – not sure; probably movie first
·         In the Company of Heroes – no movie; it’s the captured soldier’s story from Black Hawk Down
·         The Time Travelers Wife – book first
·         The Devil Wears Prada – not sure which first - it was within a week or so of each other
·         American Psycho – I think movie first…because I was afraid to turn the pages sometimes. 
·         Room – book; don’t think there’s a movie in the making
·         Shutter Island – book only; haven’t seen the movie
·         A Time To Kill – book first, I think, but the movie made me obsessed with Matthew McConaughey until he got all weird and hippy-like
·         The Horse Whisperer – book first
·         Bridges of Madison County – book first
·         Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – book only; I think there’s a movie though
·         Into the Wild – book first
·         The Beach – not sure which first
·         Eat, Pray, Love – book first, I think
·         Memoirs of a Geisha – book first
·         The Great Gatsby – not sure; the only movie I’ve seen is the one with Robert Redford
·         We Were Soldiers Once…and Young  - book first

What are some of your favorites – I need some suggestions to load onto our Nook!

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