Sunday, January 29, 2012

Workouts of the Week: Jan. 22-27

Now that the tendon in my elbow is healed (13 months later), I can start to vary my workouts to where I can actually use my arms.  I'd like to do yoga at least once a week after work (either at PAI, Capital Club, or Arena District Athletic Club), as well as spinning twice a week (at lunch at Capital Club).  My other lunch workouts will either probably be legs, or 20 min. cardio with a WOD (cross-fit workout of the day) for the second half. 

Monday:  20 min strider elliptical, 5 min. jog. 
WOD: 10 rounds (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 reps) Squats, Spread Eagle Crunch Ups, Burpees
Volleyball – Women’s Power League

Tuesday: No lunch workout (lunch with old co-worker), Hot Yoga at PAI (1 hr. 15 min)

Wednesday: 25 minute run (don't know the distance, but I run sloooww)
WOD:  7 rounds (7,7,7 reps) Burpees, Situps, Jumping Jacks

Thursday: Noon Spinning at Capital Club, 5:30 Yoga at Capital Club

Friday:  15 minutes on a stupid bike (all the other cardio machines were taken), some jump roping (trying to do more than 2 double unders in a row)
WOD: 7 rounds (21,18,15,12,9,6,3 reps) Squats, Mountain Climbers, Pushups
1000 meter rowing

Weekend:  yeah, I don't really work out on the weekends...

I'm sufficiently sore all over today - mostly from the yoga on Thursday (it was intense!), and the WOD from yesterday.  Even my triceps are sore - which is awesome because that means I'm starting to have better form with my pushups!  I'm still on my knees because I'm still being careful with my elbow, but I'm bringing my elbows closer to my body and it isn't bothering it, which is a good sign. I did 84 pushups with the WOD yesterday, so I think I'm on my way to "real" pushups. 
My arches have been bothering me a little bit - I suspect it's from the vinyasas in Yoga and the Crescent Pose - I'll have to be careful with it next week.  I used to have arch pain all of the time until I start wearing Vibrams for all of my workouts, so hopefully it's just temporary until I get used to the yoga poses again.  My hip flexibility is terrible right now - especially with my left hip, so yoga should help that as well.  I suspect that since my left foot still turns in a little bit, my left hip will always be a little less flexible because it's probably slightly rotated (that may not be true, but it seems like a good explanation of my foot turning in).  It's also the side that I get IT band pain, so it's probably all connected in some way.  Luckily the instructor at CC on Thursdays is really good about walking around and adjusting poses, since it's a small class, so she was able to realign my left hip several times to the appropriate position.  I told her that it doesn't really cooperate, so she watched that side more carefully.  The class only had 4 people, compared to 35 or so at PAI, so I should be able to learn a lot with her.  

Lo did his normal workouts - 3 Cross Fit classes at Ohio Krav Maga, lifting with his friend one night, and 3 lunchtime workouts (which are also usually Cross Fit based)

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