Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Workouts: April 2-6

Monday:  Noon:  appointment during lunch; no workout

5:30:  Core Power Yoga at Capital Club

Noon:  Elliptical for 45 minutes – I was having bad stomach pains and wasn’t up for anything else (they finally went away later in the evening)

Noon:  I made up what I’ll call a 100/25 workout.  It made me pretty sore, but I thought it was going to be worse than it is. 
100 jump rope
25 single leg squats w/ leg on bench, 25 calf raise squats
100 jump rope
25 single leg dead lifts, 60 second wall sit (I know, it’s not 25 anything)
100 jump rope
25 reverse lunges (each leg), 25 standing side leg lifts
100 jump rope
25 super-skaters, 60 second alternating single leg wall sit
100 jump rope
25 hip extensions, 25 in and out crunches
100 jump rope
25 Toe roll iso-lunges (each leg), 25 calf raises x 3 ways (toes pointing straight, toes out, toes in)
100 jump rope
25 kettlebell deadlifts w/heaviest bell, 25 single leg speed squats (each leg)
100 jump rope

6:00:  Walked to pilates at Short North Fitness.  It wasn’t as hard as I expected.  She combined Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates.  I liked it well enough and will go back since I have some class passes, and she said each class is very different so it's likely others would be harder.

Noon: Spinning

5:30: Yoga at Capital Club – I know I usually say this class is hard, but it was particularly hard.  I think when there aren’t any new people in class, she makes it harder for the regulars.  Tons of planks and vinyasa, and no balance poses (which are easier). 

Noon:  I didn’t feel like coming up with a workout, so I asked Lo what I should do.  He gave me 3 different workouts, but I did them all, with a few modifications.
  1. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 reps
    Jump rope, situps
    I did different types of situps each round to work various abs.  In order: legs straight up crunches, straight leg lower, full situps, russian twists, in and outs
  2. 21, 15, 9 reps
    Pushups (on knees still), squats w/ 12# med ball, lunges with 12# med ball
    Sets were supposed to include situps, but I left them out since I already did 150.

  3. 1 round (original workout is 5 rounds for time)
    20# overhead walking lunges 50 ft., 21 burpees

The third workout would have been incredibly hard if doing the whole 5 rounds.  I cooled down with 10-12 min on the elliptical.

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