Monday, April 2, 2012

Workouts: March 26 - 30

For some reason, this didn't seem like a very good week. I didn't get as sore as I expect, even though I thought my workouts were tough.  Hoping this week is better...

Noon:  No workout - I was doing some research at lunch

5:30:  Core Power Yoga

Noon:  P90X Legs moves

8:30: Reverse Co-ed Power League in Dublin

Noon:  My own personal spinning class - I just set my workout playlist to random and spin according to what the music requires.  I get sweaty and out of breath, so I think I'm doing well with it (and the music is better than class!)

Noon:  Spinning

5:30: Yoga

100 Workout
100 squats on Bosu (standing on flat side)
90 second wall sit
80 situps (20 each of 4 styles)
70 calf raises
60 second plank
50 mountain climbers, each leg
40 reverse lunges, each leg
30 kettlebell swings
20 burpees
10 pushups

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