Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colors and Bottles 2

A few months ago, several friends joined me for a Colors and Bottles event at Camelot Cellars because it was a great deal and a cool painting.  Shortly before that 2 other friends and I made plans to go to a class in March using Eversave vouchers that we'd bought. 

We picked the class based on our availability and which painting we liked on the website - and this one was even better because it was BYOWine.  It was held at 83 Gallery, which is a neat art gallery in the Short North near Bodega.  There were so many cool paintings on the walls that were really inspiring.  Kelley and Ashlee brought some wine and I put together some snacks (cheese, gf pretzels, and blackberries). 

My painting, minus the shadow on the bottom right
I knew ahead of time that I wasn't going to want to use the colors in the "model" paintings - purple and white.  I wanted to go with blue/green tones to match an original painting from a talented client that I used to work with - and also my first Colors and Bottles painting.  Unfortunately, the green was too "hunter" and I couldn't get the color mixed that I wanted consistently.  I tried mixing a bunch at a time, but I kept running out anyway.  So I'm not thrilled with this painting, but it's okay.  I'm also annoyed that it's so similar to my first painting - completely my fault, as I didn't follow along with the instructor in either case.  I guess the swirly waves are my "style".  I really liked Kelley's striped paiting - she actually used one of the painting hanging on the wall as inspiration, instead of the "model" painting for the class.   
My client's painting

My First C&B painting
Regardless - it was an awesome event with awesome friends (and a super-nice woman who joined our table).  I highly recommend these classes for just something different to do.  It's a great ladies-night event or date night idea.  Our husbands (fiance in Ash's case) met us at Marcella's for dinner - their gluten-free menu is REALLY good.  I had the chicken piccata and it was delicious! 

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