Friday, April 27, 2012

Lessons I Didn't Learn...Part 2

Last week I posted about how I didn't learn the lesson that less is sometimes more, and I pulled a butt muscle.  I did better with my workout on Monday, and even stopped with the jump roping when my ankle got a twinge.  Every now and then my ankle will get a "twinge" that isn't a sprain or anything and it just comes and goes for a couple of days, never bothering me terribly, but noticeable enough that it makes me limp a little bit.  It kind of feels like a tendon or small bone is just shifted slightly out of place, but I don't even know if that's possible. 

Anyway, the lesson that I didn't learn this week is that if you haven't been running, you shouldn't spontaneously run 4 miles.  As a matter of fact, I think the lesson is that you are supposed to increase your mileage by 10 percent at a time or something like that.  I went for 100% instead. 

I put our Green BEAN Produce delivery on hold for the time being and when I temporarily suspended my account, they asked if they could pick up the bin until we wanted to start again.  We were supposed to set it out for pickup on Wednesday and forgot.  I'm saying we, because I asked Loren to do it and he forgot.  Truthfully, I should have done it myself because he was actually busy folding laundry when I asked him, and I just didn't want to get up because my feet were cold, or at least I remember that's what the excuse was when I asked him. 

I remembered around 11 a.m. that we forgot to set it out and emailed the company to see if they'd come by yet.  They said no, and that they'd be heading out for deliveries soon.  They probably wouldn't have cared if I told them I forgot, but as punishment I decided that I had to run home during my lunch hour to set the bin out.  Instead of driving, I decided that I literally had to run - plus then I wouldn't be skipping my workout. 

It was nice out and the run was going pretty well.  I realized halfway home that if my ankle started hurting really bad that I was screwed because Lo was busy with a consultant and couldn't come pick me up even if I needed him to.  My ankle was fine, my lungs were fine, but my knees and shins were really feeling it part way - plus my legs were still sore from Monday's workout and 2 yoga classes.  On my way back I walked for a little bit, but for the most part I was running.  I made it back with time to spare, which I was pretty excited about.  But man my knees hurt!  And they still hurt!  I skipped my lunchtime workout today to give them a rest, but yoga was hard tonight, so that didn't help.

In a way, I'm kind of proud that I ran that much.  I pretty much hate running and am "bad" at it even if I practice.  I never would have thought my lungs would have felt great since I don't do a lot of standard cardio.  Apparently my crossfit-type workouts, spinning, and yoga are enough to make a difference!  That being said, if I'm going to run again, I really should go for any sort of distance, especially while wearing Vibrams, if I haven't been running much. 

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