Monday, April 23, 2012

Workouts: April 16 - 20

After mentioning last week that I was trying to be careful about not doing too many workouts and being concerned about over-training because I can mostly only use my legs, I totally did the opposite and ended up regretting it.  I wanted to get a good, hard leg workout in on Monday because I felt like I haven't been getting very sore and wasn't sure if I was pushing myself hard enough.  Well, I apparently pushed myself too hard and ended up straining a butt muscle - bad.  I struggled walking for most of the week really had to take it easy.  It was way deep inside my big butt, so I couldn't even massage it or ice it if I wanted to.  As a matter of fact, when we were driving home on Monday, I had my leg up on the dashboard (obviously, I wasn't driving) and I was trying to find the spot that hurt so much by digging my thumb into my butt cheek...and Mayor Coleman walked past on the sidewalk.  I don't think he saw me, but it was kind of funny.

Noon:  100 Workout by Lean Green Bean
This is a great workout and I've done it before without hurting myself.  I wasn't sure whether the single leg exercises meant 90, 80, etc per leg or between legs.  I wasn't sure how much time the workout would take, so I split them between both legs.  I got done early enough and still had energy, so I went back through the single exercises again so it would end up being that amount per leg.  I think that may have been just a little to much - or doing them at the end of the workout was too hard since they were higher reps.  I didn't feel any pain during the workout, but history shows that I never feel the injury if it happens while I'm workout out.  Adrenaline is strong, I guess!
100 squats w/ 10# med ball
90 reverse lunges
80 single leg deadlifts
70 mountain climbers
60 bridge lifts
50 calf raises w/ 10# med ball
40 plie squats w/ kettlebell
30 skater lunges
20 knee to elbow in plank
10 burpees

10 minutes elliptical
5:30:  The instructor was sick and cancelled right before - I was not mad because I wasn't sure if I could even do it with my pulled butt muscle.
Noon:  1 hour Vinyasa Yoga
Noon:  35 minute elliptical
Noon: Spinning - I wasn't sure how it'd feel on my butt, but it was okay.  I just took it easy and didn't use high resistance. 
5:30: Yoga at Capital Club
Noon:  45 minutes elliptical

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