Friday, February 17, 2012

Workouts: February 13 – February 17

Monday:  These workouts kicked my butt.  My hammys were sore until Thursday night and I don’t know from which workout.  I don’t usually even really think of volleyball as exercise, but I suppose it should count in this league, since it’s a really strong league.

Noon:  My own 100 workout, created so I wasn’t doing pushups or upper body (so my elbow could rest)
100 single unders jump rope (plus a several tries for double-unders)
90 second wall sit
80 situps (I did a variety to hit all areas w/20 reps each)
70 squats
60 second plank
50 bridge lift
40 back lunge
30 single leg deadlift with kettlebell (a lighter one), each leg
20 jump squats
10 burpees (I figured 10 wouldn’t hurt my arm and I wanted to keep my heart rate high at the end.

Core Yoga: Capital club at 5:30

Volleyball: Women’s Power League (we lost).  One time that I dove, I hit the inside of my elbow really hard on the floor and it hurt pretty bad.  It was swollen and sore for the rest of the week, so now I really have to be careful with it.

No workout – had appointments and had to flex out my lunch.  And my hamstrings were SO sore.

Elliptical for 45 min: I was still incredibly sore and thought about skipping completely, but I realized I’d have to post that on here and decided to do 45 minutes of elliptical.  I knew I couldn’t do anything leg or arm focused, so this seemed like a good way to loosen up my legs. 

Spinning at Capital Club at Noon
Yoga at Capital Club at 5:30: I’m really happy with how I’m progressing with poses, but vinyasas (yoga pushups) are hard on my elbow and I have to slack off in that area.

Elliptical for 45 minutes again:  I wasn’t very sore, but didn’t want to lift legs since they just recovered, couldn’t use my arms for much, and didn’t want to pound on a treadmill with the sore spot on my leg.

I need to stop jump roping much for a bit – the inside of my high ankle is getting sore in the same spot that I had a stress fracture in high school.  It sucks because I’m really enjoying it and getting better at double jumps, but as usual, I’m terrible at setting limits and do way more of something than I should.  I did a bunch of jump roping last week and I think it caught up with me.  So for now, no pushups and no jump ropes, since I can’t seem to control myself and do a reasonable amount. 

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