Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love Nurtur the Salon and my Dentist

I had two appointments yesterday - both of which I was kind of excited about. 

First was the dentist.  I know that sounds weird, but I really don't mind going to the dentist's office.  I used to have a sucky one, but now I go to Dr. Ford and he is awesome!  He's on Gay Street downtown, if you're looking for a good dentist.  He remembers what you talked about 6 (or 7 or 9) months ago and what is going on in your life.  When he asks you a question, he removes his hand from your mouth so you can actually answer.  Everyone who works there is super-sweet and they'll even run out and put money in your meter if your appointment is running long (which has only happened once).  I totally want to work there. 

You also get a little goodie bag that has a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a little lip balm, and a sucker.  Unfortunately, they were out of the little lip balms (again), but Lo usually gets one when he goes and he gives it to me because he knows how happy it makes me.  They were also out of toothbrushes, but they are going to send them in the mail next week - which is totally unnecessary because I can buy my own toothbrushes, but it's pretty cool.  The dental hygienist told me that I had the best teeth that he's cleaned all week!

My other appointment was at Nurtur the Salon for a haircut.  I'm sure everyone likes getting their hair cut - you know, the head massage and how much better your hair looks after they style it (because I certainly can't use a round brush and a blow dryer AT THE SAME TIME)!  Nurtur is awesome for so many reasons:
  1. It's an Aveda salon, and Aveda products are the best.  I love getting a mug of Aveda tea while I wait. 
  2. Before you get your shampoo, they'll give you a quick relaxation massage in a massage chair.
  3. When you get your hair washed, you lay down on a table!  So you don't have to crank your neck back on the edge of a hard sink. 
  4. After they apply the conditioner, they wrap your head in a hot towel and you get to choose from a mini facial or a hand and arm massage (I always pick the hand and arm massage).
  5. Finally, I really like my stylist - Jaime.  She does such a good job with my hair, which is super fine.
I guess another great reason to go there is that it's located in the Shoppes at Lane Avenue in Upper Arlington, so I can run into White House Black Market, Loft, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1 Imports, NY&Co, and Whole Foods before or after my appointment.  Oh, and um, Cuzzins Yogurt...

It's a little more expensive than I'd prefer to pay for my haircut, but I only go about 4 times/year, so it's worth it to me. 

I go to Phia Salon in the Short North for highlights because Jaime doesn't do color and I really like it there (and Ross does a great job), but it's not as spa-like and relaxing as Nurtur.  I still really like it and would totally recommend the salon (and Ross).  I have an appointment next Friday!

Oh - and I got home from my afternoon of awesome appointments and Lo made an amazing calzone.  Seriously, calzones don't sound very impressive, but it was (recipe coming soon!).  He also made enchilada meatballs that I gave him a recipe for and put them straight in the freezer (I'll post the recipe after we eat them). 

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