Saturday, February 4, 2012

Workouts: January 30 – February 4

Here are my workouts for the week. No hot yoga, as PAI is building an addition for their studio, so hot yoga is cancelled until the new part opens in mid-february. Elbow didn't feel great by the end of the week, but nothing that a little rest can't handle. I can already feel some flexibility coming back from doing yoga twice a week for a couple of weeks.

1 mile jog
WOD: 5 rounds; 7x jump squats, 14x pushups, 21 double-unders (jump rope)
Volleyball: Women’s Power League (we lost)
Progress: I did 3 double unders in a row a few times! Since I can’t do 21 double-unders in a row, I was just jumping 50 times and then trying to do a few double-unders for each set.
Lesson learned: Just because I can eek out 70 pushups, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for my elbow. My forearm near my elbow is a little sore, so I probably shouldn’t do any more pushups this week, especially if I do yoga.

Noon Spinning at Capital Club – this class sucked. Terrible music and the instructor didn’t seem to realize how high she was telling us to gear – and then sprint (she wasn’t spinning with us)
Yoga at Arena District Fitness – good class, my arms/shoulders were really sore before

WOD: 100 Workout created by Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean, with some modifications:
100 squats with 10# medicine ball
90 reverse squats (45 each leg)
80 single leg dead lifts (40 each leg)

70 mountain climbers
60 bridge lifts
50 calf raises with 10# medicine ball
40 plie squats with 10# medicine ball
30 skater lungers
20 knee to elbow in plank
10 burpees

Noon Spinning at Capital Club, 5:30 Yoga at Capital Club


My "workout mat" on friday

Abs exercises on office floor and hip/IT band exercises. I didn’t want to work out much because I’m quite sore, and I knew even if I went to the gym to do cardio, I would end up doing something more. Besides, 6 workouts this week is fine.

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