Friday, February 3, 2012

100 Workout

On Wednesday I wanted to do a leg-heavy workout that would be a little more dynamic than the ones from the WOD Shop website.  I generated ten or so WOD's from that would be good to do at the gym on my lunch hour and typed them into a note in my phone.  I wear my phone in an armband, so I can look at the note easily while working out.  I've also added a few from blogs that I thought would be good options and decided to do this 100 workout that Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean came up with.

Most of my other WOD's have lots of pushups or burpees, and I really needed to limit those because I did too many pushups last week and Monday and my "bad" elbow was getting sore (when will I learn limits!!).  I definitely don't want to get back to the point where I can't use it again since it took SO long to heal, and I wanted to do yoga twice this week, which was going to be pushing it anyway.  I changed her workout slightly because I didn't want to hold much weight with my arm, and I subbed out the 10 pushups for 10 burpees because keeping my elbow straight isn't painful.  Below is my adaptation - click here for Lindsay's original workout (it's towards the bottom of her post). 

100 squats with 10# medicine ball
90 reverse squats (45 each leg)
80 single leg dead lifts (40 each leg)
70 mountain climbers
60 bridge lifts
50 calf raises with 10# medicine ball
40 plie squats with 10# medicine ball
30 skater lungers
20 knee to elbow in plank
10 burpees

I was already a little sore from spinning and yoga the day before, so the next day after this workout I was REALLY sore - just in time for more spinning and yoga.

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