Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decluttering Update

I think we've done alright with decluttering in the last month.  Using this decluttering calendar, we've been doing a little declutter at a time.  I have to admit we've struggled with doing it every night - but I do think that we've stuck to the calendar steps anyway.  For almost every task on the calendar, I've found at least one thing to donate or throw away, which is really encouraging.  I kind of like the feeling of purging things. 

Sometimes instead of organizing on section of something three nights in a row, we've done it all at once - which leaves the other days empty.  Another week just had tasks that we didn't really need to complete, like decluttering candles (I've been using up old ones anyway), sort through pictures (oh wait, I kind of ignored that one, but I did organize some pics on my computer in the last week, so that's good enough for now), keep only your good sharp knives (I've already taken crappier knives into work), and go through your plastic bag/foil area (did this when organized kitchen drawer). 

Ones that I missed, but probably could have completed were to clean out one kitchen drawer and to empty fridge and clean it.  Maybe I'll try to get to those this week or over the weekend. 

This week consists of cleaning of the top of the dresser (3 separate days) and decluttering one bedroom shelf (3 days).  I did 2/3 of my dresser last night, because I knew I wouldn't have time tonight to do anything. 

Next week is mostly desk oriented stuff, which Lo already did, so we really should find another area to tackle. 

Are you trying to organize or declutter?  What have you found that works or doesn't work?

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