Monday, March 12, 2012

Michael Season's Baked Hot Chili Pepper Cheese Curls

We got these cheese curls at Whole Foods in January and LOVED them!  When I said I wanted to buy them, Lo said he wasn't a big fan of cheese curls (WHAT??!  I know - who doesn't love fake cheese!).  But he actually really liked them and I loved them.  They had just the right amount of cheese (though there can never be too much) and spice.  There are several other flavors, and though I haven't tried those, I'm sure I'll stick to the Hot Chili Pepper.  Unless they come out with a Chipotle Cheddar flavor - chipotle beats everything. 

I just googled these and found the ingredients on Amazon - not only are they gluten free, they are also natural and partially organic:

Michael Season's Baked Hot Chili Pepper Cheese Curls
Org cornmeal, cornmeal, corn/sunflower oil, Whey, Reduced Lactose Whey Buttermilk, cheddar blue cheese, salt, lactic acid, citric acid, chile peppers contains milk

I can't remember how much I paid for these at Whole Foods, but the price on Amazon is pretty good.  You can get a case of 12 (5.5 oz) bags for $25.43 (when you sign up for subscribe and save, which can be cancelled right after you order).  It sounds like a lot, but it's only about $2.12/bag, which is very likely less than at Whole Foods. 

Do you have any favorite snacks?

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