Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Workouts: March 5 - 10

A little late posting this...

I felt like I got a little more back on track this week, probably because I made it to yoga twice, even though my lunchtime workouts weren't great on Monday and Tuesday.  

Noon:  Nap – I was “gluten-ed” at a restaurant the night before (not their fault, I didn’t ask about the enchilada sauce), so I was awake for some of the night with nausea and dry-heaving (awesome).  I was extra tired the next day from that, plus I usually get lethargic from gluten, so I slept on my office floor for that hour because I really wanted to do yoga that night and knew I wouldn’t if I wasn’t feeling better.

5:30:  Core Power Yoga – I was really excited to do yoga after having to miss it the last several times.  The Monday night class isn’t my favorite, but it’s still a heck of a workout.  The instructor gave me some options so that vinyasa pushups wouldn’t hurt my elbow – and she also watched me closely on those so I would do them “right”, so I couldn’t even slack on them (which is good, but it was hard)! There were only 2 of us taking that class, so we had lots of attention/adjustments.  The front of my shoulders were SO sore the next day, as well as the top half of my abs.

Noon:  Elliptical for 45 minutes.  I didn’t do a harder workout because I gave blood that morning and wasn’t supposed to workout at all.  I figured reading People Magazine on the elliptical wasn’t too bad, even if I did the Hills program. 

Noon: I’m still feeling wimpy about my elbow, so I did all legs for this “100” workout:
100 jumprope
90 sec. wall sit
80 squats
70 bridge lifts
60 sec. plank
50 situps (25 full situps and 25 low ab lifts b/c upper abs were too sore from yoga to do 50 full)
40 back lunges, each leg
30 single leg dead lifts, each leg
20 jump squats
10 burpees

Noon: Spinning at Capital Club

5:30: Yoga – oh how I love this class…this was quite a challenge – lots of planks and vinyasa pushups and deep leg work.  I continually impress myself with how much I improve for each class (pats self on back)

Noon:  I recommend “Seconds Free” as an Iphone app for doing Tabata or timed exercises/rounds – you can problem intervals, rest time, and amount of rounds and it will vibrate and/or beep when it’s time to change – plus you can still listen to your music in your headphones.
Tabata 50/10x4 - do each exercise for 50 sec, rest 10 sec, complete 4 rounds (I rested for 30 seconds between each round because my legs were already so sore and I needed it)
Squat Jumps
Alternating Lunges
Mountain Climbers
Squat Thrusts (burpees)
Deadlifts w/ kettlebell

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