Friday, March 16, 2012

Skillet, Rustic.Urban.Food

Last Saturday we went to breakfast with two good friends and I wanted to make sure I mentioned it before this weekend because it was SO good.  We went to Skillet, Rustic.Urban.Food on Whittier in German Village.  I'd read reviews about how small the place is, and how there is often a long wait, so we decided to get there around 10 a.m.  I figured that we'd miss the early-riser diners, but get there before the late-sleeper/brunch crew.  Also, it was the earliest that I would commit to waking up.  Our timing was pretty good - there was only one table on the list in front of us, and several groups of people got there immediately after we signed in.  We did have to wait for about 25 minutes because we had four in our group and there are fewer 4 top tables.  

It was totally worth the wait.  The place IS small and we were a little tight at the booth, but it was fine.  The coffee is from Cafe Brioso downtown and was amazing.  The food is fresh, seasonal, and "farm to fork".  

I'll get on to the food.  Lo ordered Short Ribs and Grits.  I didn't take a picture and the menu isn't available online, but it was basically short ribs and grits in a gravy made with stout and porter.  He said it was amazing, I really wanted to try it but couldn't because of the beer. The other three of us all got the corned beef hash.  I'd never had corned beef hash before, but for some reason it sounded really good (maybe because it's nearing St. Patrick's Day?).  I really, really liked it.  I was craving something salty and it was perfect.  While breakfast is easy enough to order on a gluten-free diet, it can get a little boring to always have just eggs or omelets.  So this was a perfect combination of eggs, meat, and potatoes.  The corned beef has was served with a biscuit which apparently were amazing, but since I couldn't have it, Lo got mine.  His didn't come with a biscuit, which was surprising because it was perfect for sopping up the extra gravy.  He actually ordered another biscuit later because he wanted to eat ALL of the gravy.  I got a side of apple wood smoked bacon (or something like that) and it was probably the best bacon I've ever had.  One of our friends ordered one of the famous cinnamon rolls, which looked and tasted amazing (according to everyone who tried it). 

Skillet is a little expensive for breakfast, but that's because you're getting such high quality and fresh food.  I think our choices were each around $12 and the coffees and sides were reasonable (about $3).  There was plenty of food, and again, the quality was outstanding.  We definitely plan to go back again sometime.  

Check out their Facebook page.  Sometimes they stop taking new customers because the wait list exceeds the closing time, so I definitely recommend going earlier. 

Have you ever been to Skillet?  What did you think?

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