Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Workouts: March 12 - 16

This was a decent workout week - my legs were sore most of the week, and after Death by Squrpees and yoga on Thursday, my back was really sore. 

Noon:  Most of the exercises from P90X Legs – I didn’t really keep track

5:30:  Core Power Yoga

Noon:  I honestly can’t remember what I did. It was either Elliptical for 45 minutes or a “100 Workout”, like this:
100 jumprope
90 sec. wall sit
80 squats
70 bridge lifts
60 sec. plank
50 situps (25 full situps and 25 low ab lifts b/c upper abs were too sore from yoga to do 50 full)
40 back lunges, each leg
30 single leg dead lifts, each leg
20 jump squats
10 burpees

No workout: Luncheon at work, dinner with friends that night

Noon: I totally forgot it was Thursday and wore my Vibrams to the gym (which I can’t spin in).  So I decided to “punish” myself and make up for the lack of workout on Wednesday with this workout I made up. 
“Death by Squrpees Up and Down the Mountain”
Squrpee = a squat and a burpee.  “Death By…” workouts are were you complete one rep on the start of the first minute, two reps on the second minute, three reps on the third minute, and so on until you can no longer complete the number of reps required for that round “for example, you fail to complete 16 squrpees in the 16th minute).  I didn’t take it to failure, because I wanted to make it back down the mountain.  So I went up the mountain to 15 (15 squrpees in the 15th minute) and then back down to 1 (which was 1 burpee in the 30th minute).  I did take a 30 second break between two 15 rounds at the top of the mountain because I was DYING for some water. 
It was HARD.  My face was red for about an hour after the workout.  I used the “round timer” on the Seconds Free app on my phone, which made it easy to keep track of how many reps I was supposed to be doing in each round. 

5:30: Yoga – this class was hard, but good. 

Noon:  Since I didn’t spin on Thursday, I wanted to on Friday.  The spinning studio is empty at noon on Fridays, so I put on my headphones and did my own spinning class.  I just had my workout playlist set to random and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  I just fit the workout around what songs were playing to decide when to spring, jump, climb, etc.  I was just as sweaty after that class as I am after other spinning classes, so I would say it was a good workout. 

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