Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vitamin Fail.

I am a failure at taking vitamins.  Lo got me a vitamin organizer and fills it each week for me, which helps, but I still regularly forget to take them.  He fills the container each Wednesday and just informed me that I took 9 out of 42 vitamins from the container in one week. 

My intent is to take some of them in the morning and some of them right before I go to bed (because the one upsets my stomach if I'm awake).  I often fail at taking them over the weekend, but this was probably the worst week ever.  I know that I eat well and get plenty of nutrition from lots of fruits and veggies, but some of these are still important for me to take, considering my gluten intolerance and the fact that I am of child-bearing age. 

I don't know why I am so bad at taking them.  The act of swallowing vitamins isn't a problem for me like it is for some people, but for some reason, I cannot get into this habit!  I can literally have the vitamins sitting on my desk where I am for 8 hours a day and will still "forget" to take them.

Anyone else have this problem?  Solutions?

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